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Unique handmade epoxy resin products consisting of tables, large wall clocks, bar counters and other pieces of desirable gifts and items for the home or business.

Manta Ray are more than just events, we also specialise in the production of creative, beautiful and fun looking items made using epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin is an amazing material that comes in a thick liquid state that is mixed with a hardener allowing the user to pour interesting designs or encase items in a cast with an impressive glassy & incredibly robust finish. Liquid glass if you like.

The use and application of epoxy resin projects is limitless -from ‘river’ tables to faux marble counter tops, jewellery to guitar bodies, sculptures & art.

Manta Ray Designs Clock

Please take a look at some of our project pieces below.

For the latest stock sale pricelist please email us at [email protected] or call us on 07946 823 442.

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Yew Beauty - Manta Ray Designs
Manta Ray Designs Clock
Manta Ray Design - Nebulous table
Cosmic liquorice table - Manta Ray Designs
Proteus table - Manta Ray Designs
Solaris table - Manta Ray Designs
Midas Reception Table - Manta Ray Designs
Table - Manta Ray Designs
Fennico Manta Ray Designs
Draco Table - Manta Ray Events
Beer Tops Edging Table - Manta Ray Events
Beer Tops Table - Manta Ray Events
Crucifixes - Manta Ray Designs