Green Screen Photo Booth

User definable themes, picture & print styles. Green screen photo booth users can select from a huge range of themes.

These include Time Machine, 3D Booth, Magazine Covers, Big-Edz, Around the World, Pop-Art, Wish You Were Here, Celebrations and many more.

We have different print styles available including Double-Strip, 4+1, Twisted Mosaic, 4 Large Photos.

All done in either Colour, Black & White or Vintage print.

Photo Booth Green Screen
Photo Booth Green Screen
Photo Booth Green Screen

Want to go back in time to different eras -the Time Machine option will take you back to Ancient Egypt, The Roman Empire, Medieval times, the Golden Age of Piracy, or the Wildwest, Prohibition and World War 2 times.

Or would you to go Around The World and explore each of the 7 different continents?  Want to have real fun and have your head superimposed onto mini bodies in various forms in the Big-Edz mode.

Ever wanted to be on a Magazine Cover?  This option will put each of your four photos taken from the booth and ensemble them in different parts of a range of magazine cover article -this is a personal favourite of ours!

How about getting arty and have your very own Andy Warhol Pop Art print?  Or go travelling and send a postcard back from the Wish You Were Here option.  Or maybe try your luck in The Photo Booth Lottery in the I’m Feeling Lucky option -a random generator option.
Or maybe you’re old school and would simply like to choose from a selection of coloured curtains in Classic Booth mode.

Want your prints in colour, Black & White or Vintage?  This is yet another option following your chosen theme along with your desired print style including Double-Strip, 4+1, Twisted Mosaic, 4 Large Photos.  

The options are vast and the combinations and near limitless.  This really is a truly cutting edge system spoiling you for choices.  Now available for the same price as Our Classic Booth range.